Game changing athletes don’t wait for good things to happen, they earn it. The off-season is where the best of the best separate themselves from the rest of the pack. How will this time impact your journey to the Next Level?

What about during season? You don’t have to wait in order to start boosting your ability and performance.


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Sports Performance Training – One 2 One
I work with you as an individual and will design a training program based on functional needs, specific goals and other considerations, in order to decrease the risk of injury and maximise your sporting ability and performance.

Each session will include soft tissue quality, mobility, comprehensive movement prep, power, speed/ agility, strength and conditioning, within an intense small setting.

Sports Performance Training sessions will also include:

  • Functional screening to provide a road-map for individualised modifications
  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle guidelines to maximise progress and recovery
  • Performance testing to monitor readiness and track progress
  • Electronic timing to monitor speed and power improvements
Target Group:  Anyone looking to improve their performance either in game or general health
Cost: Sessions start at £20 for 60-90 Minutes with discounts for bulk purchases

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