10: Episode 10: Book Club 1 – Basic introductory books to get into sports coaching and therapy

This is the 1st episode of “Book Club” starting at a basic level of books to introduce those who are starting out o their career, either as parents helping out or those wanting to focus and set themselves up on the right path from the beginning.

Stew discussed some the books that helped him either in the beginning or newer books he has found that he should have had when he began. and same for Aiden, if your’e looking at getting into Sports Therapy, some good introduction books to get you the information that will set up correctly further down or just down at the club spotting and treating injuries.

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Some of the books mentioned in the Podcast can really help any one looking to get involved:

You can find them below

Training Principles – Frank Dick

High Performance Training for Sports

Informed – Athlete Preparation by Paul Gamble