13: Coach & Author Ryan Banta – Introduction to the Critical Mass System (Part 1)

We meet Coach and Author Ryan Banta, the head coach of Parkway central High School and Author of the Sprinters Compendium and proponent of the Critical Mass System.
In this episode we find out a little bit more about Coach Banta and his journey into coaching, from working in Law to finally listening to his Mother and working in a high School.  How he took a chance and chased the position of Assistant coach and where he is today.
We discuss some of the current trends that are in the public domain and the possible detriment to athletes these are causing at the cost of Long Term Athlete Development.
We of course take shallow dive into the Critical Mass system its origins and some detail of what this really means for training towards an event, and how this is the Sprinters version of the 5 speed model used by Middle and Long distance runners such as Lord Sebastian Coe (to great success)
We hope to follow this Podcast Episode up with further more in detail progressions and sessions of the CMS in action, so watch this space… or rather keep listening 🙂

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