4: Speed Theory – What are the main 3 elements of getting faster?

Today we take a quick shallow look at how to develop speed.

Speed development is simple right? getting faster is as simple as just sprinting often and at maximum intensity.

Well, actually there are 3 main elements to getting faster:

  • Neurological
  • Physiological
  • Sensorimotor

These can be broken down fairly simply if you consider training elements as way to identify each area.

So the Neurological part is developed through absolute maximum efforts, this is similar to the Feed the Cats philosophy through maximum intent flies over 10 to 30m as an example or even max weights in the gym with minimal repetition for maximum motor unit recruitment (through nerve impulse).

Physiological, seen as traditional running sessions or work in the realm of Special,specific and tempo running. similar to what we discussed with Coach Banta about the Critical mass method. and of course remaining elements trained in the gym. About building up the athletes “capacity”

Sensorimotor development covers the elements that you would classify as improving our proprioception, pretension and co-contraction abilities. technical work such as drills and exercises that challenge your stability and movement patterns.

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