5: Episode 5 – Can we be Faster after Covid 19?

With the lack of facilities our athletes and sportspeople are having to train on different surfaces such as parkland grass. But how will this effect the desired outcome of training and the future games or races?

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So we quoted a few papers and information within the podcast and so as promised, below are copies of those.  Please if you have any questions, shoot them across to us or leave is a message/question and will answer live in our show.

Short take away from the information and the podcast, has to really be:

  • Training on softer surfaces, increases the energy expenditure and therefore decreases the running economy. Meaning that to run the same distance/time/pace you will work harder.
  • An uneven surface such as a playing field, forces your body to adapt and create more efficent co-contractions and pretension prior to ground contract to account for the lack of energy return and foot instability.

These two things combined mean that when you return to a track you are able to stabilise and transfer force much more efficiently and thus,,, all things considered possibly be faster, or at least more efficient.


Running Economy


Impact of sensorimotor training on the rate of force development and neural activation