Human – Athlete – Specialist, Our Philosophy to Sports Performance

HAS(3) – Human, Athlete, Specialist (Cubed)

Our Philosophy on sports performance development is based in improving the individuals in every way building a better base as a person and developing them as an athlete before the sport requirements are layered on top. 3 elements to each phase each one synergistic overlapping helping you reach your true peak condition.



The most crucial factor for any athlete of any sport is the general health of that individual, this of course includes acute and chronic injury history and normalising body movement. Things to consider are mechanics and muscle function for which we utilise methods such as the Functional Movement System.

On top of this we need to consider other health parameters, Mental, Female and Respiratory.


Happy for us means that the training you are undertaken is actually something you want to do and have passion for, we work in making sure that training is positive and you are educated in the methods and can see the benefits and what to expect so that you know exactly what you’re doing


We refer to this in conjunction with a few of the other elements as part of HAS(3), when assessing any physical quality it is imperative we are always honest about ability and restrictions.  But being honest also refers to Honest Movement, correcting imbalances and improving your physical and kinaesthetic awareness and movement.



Being an athlete doesn’t necessarily mean that you are athletic, there are what now appears to be million versions of sports and with each comes a different nuance that defines its physical and physiological requirement.  We review your sport and its needs against your capacity and set plans that aid your performance directly.


No matter what sport you play there is always need to develop the body’s capacity to more agile and be what we would deem to be “Athletic” but not only for its position of what people do seem as being athletic, but as a method to ensure you’re well rounded and as part of our HUMAN section this helps in becoming more injury resilient.


This does Link up with being Honest of course, being true about how you feel and what your current abilities are, this means that you as an individual as an athlete are accountable, you may have “warning” signs that you’re too fatigued or injured but want to keep “plugging” away aiming for the improvement. Being accountable means you’re responsible for making sure you of the work and turn up and do the drills and work on technique but also that you know when to stop, it’s your body after all



Once everything is place that makes you  a Human and Athlete you layer on top the specialist, the requirements for your sport, the most important underpinning element is Speed performance, work on developing this and putting in the correct foundations of movement that you require, either running, lower body movement or upper body movements such as Boxing etc


Strength development needs to be specific to the sport, its not about hitting the gym and getting big and strong, there are several phases required to best utilise the nervous system to be able to produce force in the right time and at the right angles for you to perform at your best


No matter what the sport is, the ability to perform over a certain period of time is required, now how much is required varies immensely so a proper sport evaluation is always required and a review of the best physiological adaptation techniques to be implemented, it’s not about the long slow run!